Compression (ASTM D1143)

Grout Systems performs compression load testing based on ASTM D1143, the standard test method for deep foundations under static axial compressive load.

Compression Load Tests provide the most reliable relationship between the axial load applied to a deep foundation and the resulting axial movement. Test results may also provide information used to assess the distribution of side shear resistance along the pile shaft, the amount of end bearing developed at the pile toe, and the long-term load-deflection behavior. Test results can be evaluated to determine if the pile or pile group has an ultimate static capacity and a deflection at service load satisfactory to support a specific foundation. When performed as part of a multiple-pile test program, the results may also be used to assess the viability of different piling types and the variability of the test site.

Compression testing is applicable to all types of deep foundations that function similar to piles, regardless of how they’re installed.

The test measures the axial deflection of a vertical or inclined deep foundation when loaded in static axial compression. Compression load tests apply to all deep foundations that function in a manner similar to driven piles or cast-in-place piles, regardless of their method of installation, and may be used for testing single piles or pile groups.

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