Dynamic (ASTM 4945)

Grout Systems performs dynamic testing based on ASTM D4945, the standard test method for high-strain dynamic testing of piles.

High-Strain Dynamic Load Testing provides information on foundation bearing capacity and resistance distribution (shaft resistance and end bearing), and evaluates the shape and integrity of piles.

Based on the measurements from strain or force, and acceleration, velocity, or displacement transducers, this test method obtains the force and velocity induced in a pile during an axial impact event. The acquired data may be analyzed to evaluate the integrity of the pile, the performance of the impact system, and the maximum compressive and tensile stresses occurring in the pile.

Dynamic load testing is conducted to assess a pile's bearing capacity by applying a dynamic load to the pile head (a falling mass) while recording acceleration and strain on the pile head. Dynamic load testing is a high strain dynamic test which is applied after pile installation. It may be performed on all piles, regardless of their installation method.

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