Grout System’s Micropiles are designed and installed to provide structural support for deep foundations.

Micropiles are small diameter, high-capacity deep foundation elements installed by drilling to the design depth and installing a steel casing, inserting steel bars in the casing for reinforcement, and filling the void with high-strength cement grout. Micropiles can vary in diameter from 4 to 10 inches, extend to depths of 200 feet and achieve load capacities up to 400 tons.

Micropiles are an economical alternative to large-diameter drilled shaft foundations. They are used to underpin existing structures and to install deep foundations in situations with difficult ground conditions from natural or man-made obstructions, karst geology, and limited access or low headroom. 

Advantages of Micropiles

  • Easy to install in confined spaces or low overhead areas
  • Able to penetrate subsurface obstructions
  • Minimal noise and vibration
  • Minimal disturbance to existing foundations
  • Facility operations maintained during construction
  • High axial load capacities
  • Designed to resist compression and tension forces
  • Evaluated using compressive, tension and lateral pile load tests

Would Micropiles be a good solution for your Deep Foundation project?

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