Grout Systems’ Tiebacks are an earth retention system used primarily to support retaining walls.

Tiebacks are high-strength steel bars or strands used to reinforce and stabilize retaining walls subject to lateral loads from earth or water. Tiebacks are constructed by grouting the steel element and anchoring it into soil or rock with sufficient resistance.

Tiebacks are used for both temporary and permanent applications and are often used in conjunction with other retaining systems such as H-Beams and Lagging walls and Secant Pile walls to provide additional lateral support. Tiebacks are also used to stabilize slopes and embankments.

Advantages of Tiebacks

  • Quick & efficient installation
  • Install with small crews
  • Install in all types of soil and rock conditions
  • Install in limited access areas
  • No excavation or spoils to remove
  • Minimal vibration or displacement of soil during installation
  • Instant load capacity
  • Immediate proof testing and loading

Would Tiebacks be a good solution for your Earth Retention project?

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