Filter Point & Solid-Grout Revetment Mattresses

Grout Systems’ filter point and solid-grout revetment mattresses are a ground improvement technique used for erosion control.

Revetment mattresses are erosion-resistant concrete linings made from durable, permeable fabric forms that are filled with high-strength grout. The revetment mattresses are sloping structures placed on shorelines to absorb the energy of incoming water. Grouted-in-place fabric forms adapt to uneven contours, curves, and subgrades as they are filled.

Revetment mattresses provide an economic and durable solution for erosion control, scour protection, shoreline protection and soil stabilization. Revetment mattress structures are highly-effective in environmental and marine construction applications.

Advantages of Revetment Mattresses

  • Cost-effective alternative to traditional concrete slope paving and rip-rap
  • Reduces hydraulic uplift by slowing flow velocities and reducing wave run-up
  • Conforms to soil contours to reduce the potential for underscour
  • Resists stresses associated with high velocity flows
  • No steel reinforcement or concrete finishing required
  • No dewatering required
  • Low cost of transportation and mobilization
  • Limited environmental impact

 Would Filter Point or Solid-Grout Revetment Mattresses be a good solution for your Erosion Control project?

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