H-Beam & Lagging

Grout Systems’ H-Beam and Lagging is an earth retention and shoring system used for support of excavations.

Beam and Lagging is an excavation support technique where H-beam piles, also known as soldier piles, are drilled or driven at regular intervals along the planned excavation. Horizontal wood lagging is installed between the vertical beams to retain the soil as the excavation proceeds. The walls can be designed as cantilever walls, or the walls can be tied-back or braced if additional lateral support is required.

H-beams and lagging is typically used to construct temporary walls to support deep excavations in soils above the water table. They can also be used as permanent walls when H-beams are coated and permanent wall facing is used.

Advantages of H-Beam and Lagging Walls

  • Inexpensive compared to other retaining wall systems
  • Ideal for temporary projects
  • Easy and fast to construct
  • Additional support can be added with tiebacks
  • Adjustments can be easily made in the field to accommodate changes
  • Minimal vibration and noise
  • Limited disturbance to adjacent properties

Would an H-Beam and Lagging Wall be a good solution for your Earth Retention project?

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