Soil Nails & Shotcrete

Grout Systems’ Soil Nails and Shotcrete solutions are used to construct Soil Nail Walls for soil stabilization and earth retention.

Soil nails are steel reinforcement elements installed and grouted in a uniform grid pattern as the wall is constructed in stages/lifts from the top-down. Shotcrete facing is then applied pneumatically to the exposed earth face to unify the soil into a cohesive mass, creating a soil nail wall that resists lateral earth forces. Bearing plates are then fixed to the heads of the soil nails.

Soil nail walls are an earth retention system used to stabilize slopes and landslides, support excavations, and construct and repair retaining walls. They are best suited in difficult soil conditions such as cobbles, boulders or weathered rock, and where space or headroom is limited.

Advantages of Soil Nails & Shotcrete

  • Fast and efficient installation
  • Easily mobilized equipment
  • Well suited for tight or congested spaces
  • Can follow any alignment
  • Minimal vibration or displacement of soil
  • Less noise and traffic obstructions
  • Minimal impact on nearby properties
  • Less right of way needed
  • No limits to the height of the Soil Nail Wall

Would a Soil Nail Wall be a good solution for your Earth Retention or Shoring System project?

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