Tangent Piles/Wall

Grout Systems’ Tangent Pile Walls are an earth retention and shoring system used to construct permanent structural walls or cutoff walls.

Tangent piles, a variation of secant piles, are columns constructed adjacent to each other along the perimeter of an excavation to form a structural or cutoff wall. Typically, the piles in a tangent wall are reinforced with steel bars or beams. Tieback anchors provide additional lateral support, if needed.

Tangent pile walls are used when excavations occur near a heavy loaded structure, or to function as an earth retention system to hold back the earth and carry compressive loading. They can be constructed in a wide variety of soil conditions, including through cobbles and boulders, and are well suited for dense, urban environments.

Advantages of Tangent Pile Walls

  • Greater alignment flexibility than secant pile walls
  • Easier and quicker construction than secant pile walls
  • Resistant to heavy load conditions
  • Increased wall stiffness
  • Minimizes settlement of adjacent structures
  • Relatively low cost of mobilization

Would a Tangent Pile Wall be a good solution for your Earth Retention project?

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