North Front Street Building & Garage / Columbus, OH

Grout Systems installed a total of 839 - Auger Cast Piles each 14” & 18” in diameter and 35’-0” to 55’-0” in length for a total of 34,392 LF.

Columbus, OH is sometimes very difficult to drill due to a high density of large cobbles that can be encountered there. Our team does not give up easily when it comes to drilling through these layers and achieving required tip elevations. While we did have a few expected refusals and location problems, we were able to overcome them due to extensive testing and overloading of the test piles prior to production pile placement.

One of the specific challenges of this project was that one of the two buildings (of which were located across the street from one another) was +/- 20’-0” lower than the other in elevation. Through careful planning and coordination with Messer; GSI was able to install and test both test pile programs and complete deep foundations for both buildings with one mobilization.