Summa Health West Tower / Akron, OH

Grout Systems installed approximately 975 LF of H-Beams and Lagging  as an earth retaining structure to support the construction of the six-story, 300,000 square foot West Tower at the Summa Health Campus in Akron.

All H-beams (soldier beams) were installed to top of varying rock elevations using a drilled system. Rock was then drilled to the bottom of cut elevations plus a 10’ toe (minimum cut elevation 13’, maximum cut elevation 25’). Wood lagging was then installed to tieback elevations and tiebacks were installed through “overburden” soils into the rock where the bond zone for tiebacks was created. Cantilevered design was used on 1 – 60’ section of wall with a cut of 13’. The system was then lagged to the bottom of the cut.