University Heights / Cleveland Heights High School Additions & Renovations / Cleveland, OH

Grout Systems designed and installed 80 Micropiles for support of a building addition as part of a facility improvements project for the University Heights-Cleveland Heights High School.

Our micropile design was based on the following reactions: 50-kip to 250-kip axial compression and 70-kip uplift force. We performed two Compression Pile Load Tests at design loads of 140 and 250 kips using ASTM D1143 (Quick Test Procedure). The piles were successfully tested to 280 and 500 kips, satisfying the intent of the design. We used 9-5/8 x .545 wall casing through the overburden with bond lengths in rock varying from 20’ to 35’ per load ranges. Full length grade 150 thread bar (1.375” to 2.5” diameter) were installed for micropile reinforcement.